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These are actual comments from people who have used to find recycled auto parts from wrecked vehicles in Junkyards. Please take a minute to read some of these to see what others have to say about our locating service. is great. That sums it up, Great says it all..
--Erica Varner

Junkyard Parts Locator is the real deal! I did some shopping, and I cannot believe the money that I saved by using this service.
--Brent Long

Thank you for making this so easy, it was a pleasant experience and most of all hassle free! I love your system.
--Rylan Gray  

Nice website!  I strongly recommend Junkyard Parts Locator to anyone looking to save time and money. I am still amazed at how many replys that I received.
--Carlton Taylor

Thanks guys, keep up the good work! It helped me find this part that I was having so much trouble locating.
--Marcus Yokely

This is nice. It really saves time and effort. Junkyard Parts Locator could not help me with one of my parts but for you to find 4 out of 5 parts that I needed was pretty good.
--Tony Black

This is the most reliable service we've used. I love your system. Junkyard Parts Locator is exactly what makes me Love shopping online.
--Lisa White


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